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Wrapped in a pack & weightless in the floating couch

Weightless pleasure while you are on holiday. Sounds relaxing. Day to day living and work throughout the year are stressful enough. High time to float off on a wave of relaxation during your holiday. Let us wrap you up in a pack – experience a soft pack treatment in the Vitaloase zu den Drei Brüdern. You will feel almost weightless in the floating couch. Enshrouded by precious essences, the natural aromas caress your senses. Protected by a thin foil wrap, you achieve total rest and relaxation and wonderful warmth with ease.

Your skin will thank you for it. Thalassotherapy nourishes you with the natural effects of algae, which invigorate and relax your skin. The moor mud in the moor pack goes even deeper, supporting your musculoskeletal system and your joints. Let us wrap you up in chocolate, so you can experience the silky soft effect of its many vitamins and minerals. During a full body exfoliation treatment you and your skin get to regenerate. Old skin cells are removed and circulation to your skin is stimulated. You will hardly recognise your soft silky skin.

Verschaffen Sie sich hier einen Überblick über unser Angebot an Wellness-Packungen. Wir freuen uns bereits darauf, Sie bei uns in der Vitaloase zu den drei Brüdern begrüßen zu dürfen.


Cleopatra pack

Mineralising and hydrating nourishing bath with high-quality oils.

Around 30 minutes € 32.00

Evening primrose oil pack

Intensive nourishment, not just on the surface but also in the deeper layers of the skin.

Around 30 minutes € 36.00


Algae pack to invigorate and relax your skin. Cleansing and detoxification, including exfoliation and re-moisturisation.

Around 30 minutes € 32.00

Moor pack

Provides support during chronic rheumatic illnesses of the musculoskeletal system and for degenerative joint diseases.

Around 30 minutes € 32.00

Chocolate pack

Thanks to the many vitamins and minerals which chocolate contains, your skin becomes soft and smooth, appears tighter and it also helps prevent ageing.

Without exfoliation (around 30 minutes): € 34.00
With exfoliation (around 50 minutes): € 48.00

Full body exfoliation

Exfoliation treatments stimulate the circulation and remove old skin cells. This enables your skin to absorb fresh oxygen, providing optimum preparation for follow-up treatments, massages for instance.

Around 20 minutes € 28.00

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