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The best place to enjoy the loveliest things in the world – feasting, pleasure, good food

Regional produce, fresh ingredients, a great deal of attention to detail – these are the ingredients which bring the restaurant in Vitaloase zu den drei Brüdern to life. Our team of chefs are virtuosos. They are artists when it comes to working with cooking spoons, seasonings, healthy and hearty ingredients. They have a passion for cooking. At times local, traditional; at others international, using unusual spices and herbs. Our region’s treasures always feature. Not to be missed when you are travelling to SalzburgerLand.

The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach

Lovers, and those of you who want to fall in love, are welcomed with open arms in the Vitaloase zu den drei Brüdern, where we cook with a passion and where romance and sensuality are never far away. This, in our case, is particularly applicable to our cooking. Our team of chefs take care of this - it may well be that a few aphrodisiac ingredients find their way into our pots and pans. So is that what is meant when people talk about the loveliest thing in the world? Is it food that is what they really mean? Find out for yourself and be our guest in the Vitaloase zu den drei Brüdern in Salzburg’s Saalachtal. We look forward to welcoming you!

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