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Look after your own well-being in the Vitaloase zu den drei Brüdern

Those of you who have stressful day-to-day life know exactly what a tense back feels like. Not to mention always sitting at a desk or in a car. Maybe you are tense after your long journey to your holiday destination in Salzburg’s Saalachtal? We provide you with a “relaxing” holiday. Our range of massages & treatments have a special part to play in your well-being. Heavy legs after a long day in the mountains in SalzburgerLand? Our masseurs are happy to advise you and will help you regain vigour & dynamism.

It doesn’t have to be an all-body massage either. Shoulder, back, leg, even facial & décolleté massages are available. The Cleopatra massage emphasises the beauty of your mind and body. Aromatherapy oils and special massage rolls help us ensure you get the maximum well-being and relaxation. The athletic amongst you will particularly enjoy our masseurs’ “healing” hands. Leg, shoulder & full body massages are very popular. After all, you want to be refreshed and recovered to enjoy another day in the mountains in Salzburg’s Saalachtal region.


Relax massage

Wellness massage to switch off - just relax


approx. 25 minutes: 41,-
approx. 50 minutes: 70,-

Classic massage

Intensive massage with activation of specific muscle groups, individually tailored. Your body and mind will thank you

approx. 25 minutes: 41,-
approx. 50 minutes: 70,-

Sports massage

Strong massage - ideal for releasing tension and blockages

approx. 25 minutes: 42,-
approx. 50 minutes: 72,-

Sports package

Foot reflex zone massage, sports massage

approx. 50 minutes: 78,-
approx. 75 minutes: 100,-

CBD massage

The CBD massage is an individual massage, based on the classic one. The CBD massage oil used here contains high-quality cannabidiol, aloe vera and extract from the medicinal plants arnica and Johannis herbs. This high-quality oil is produced regionally here in Pinzgau, of course in pharmacist quality and is known to have a variety of positive effects on the body.

50 minutes: 78,-
75 minutes: 100,-

Facial and décolleté massage

Pleasant facial massage with relaxation of the shoulder and neck area

approx. 50 minutes: 70,-

Hot stone massage

Experience the effect of the warm basalt rock up close. Relaxation is guaranteed. The perfect massage for cool rainy days.

approx. 50 minutes: 79,-
approx. 75 minutes: 101,-

Foot reflex zone massage

Activation of the entire organism by treating the foot reflex zones. Ideal e.g. for digestive problems, headaches or stress complaints

approx. 25 minutes: 42,-

Vital massage

Partial or full body massage with 100% cold-pressed, high-quality almond oil and subsequent activation of the foot reflex zones

approx. 50 minutes: 75,-
approx. 75 minutes: 97,-

Cleopatra massage

The mixture of honey and aromatic oils is rich in natural minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Soothes and nourishes the skin and promotes the harmony of body and soul.

approx. 25 minutes: 44,-
approx. 50 minutes: 75,-
approx. 75 minutes: 97,-

Aromatherapy oil massage

Special oil blends for your well-being - the essential oils in combination with high-quality, moisturizing, cold-pressed almond oil pamper your skin and relax your senses.

approx. 25 minutes: 44,-
approx. 50 minutes: 75,-
approx. 75 minutes: 97,-

A day to new shores

Body peeling with salts from the Dead Sea, algae pack to detoxify the body and a relaxing aromatic oil massage

approx. 2 Stunden: 130,-

Relax for HER

Refreshing foot massage, face, head and shoulder / neck massage

approx. 75 minutes: 101,-

Relax for HIM

Refreshing foot massage, aromatic oil massage

approx. 75 minutes: 104,-

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