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Look after your own well-being in the Vitaloase zu den drei Brüdern

Those of you who have stressful day-to-day life know exactly what a tense back feels like. Not to mention always sitting at a desk or in a car. Maybe you are tense after your long journey to your holiday destination in Salzburg’s Saalachtal? We provide you with a “relaxing” holiday. Our range of massages & treatments have a special part to play in your well-being. Heavy legs after a long day in the mountains in SalzburgerLand? Our masseurs are happy to advise you and will help you regain vigour & dynamism.

It doesn’t have to be an all-body massage either. Shoulder, back, leg, even facial & décolleté massages are available. The Cleopatra massage emphasises the beauty of your mind and body. Aromatherapy oils and special massage rolls help us ensure you get the maximum well-being and relaxation. The athletic amongst you will particularly enjoy our masseurs’ “healing” hands. Leg, shoulder & full body massages are very popular. After all, you want to be refreshed and recovered to enjoy another day in the mountains in Salzburg’s Saalachtal region.


Classic massage

Intensive massage to loosen off all your tight muscles.


Around  20 minutes (Back): 28,-
Around  40 minutes (Whole Body): 46,-

Aromatherapy oil massage

A pleasant, warming massage.


Around 20 minutes (Back): 32,-
Around 50 minutes (Whole body): 56,-

Sports massage

Toning treatment to get you ready for skiing, cycling or hiking. Enhances your muscles ability to work and reduces your risk of injury.

Around 20 minutes (Back or legs): 28,-
Around 40 minutes (Whole Body): 46,-


Foot reflex zone massage

Activation of the entire organism, Helps with headaches, digestive problems, sleep disorders and stress symptoms

Around 30 minutes: 36,-

Invigorating foot massage

A pleasant foot massage without concentrating on the reflex points.

Around 20 minutes: 28,-

Facial, head and shoulder massage

Helps alleviate pain and to ease your muscles and make them supple again.


Around 40 minutes: 46,-

Facial and décolleté massage

A pleasant, relaxing massage.


Around 30 minutes: 34,-

Lymph drainage

Lymph drainage is a healthy, natural, painless and absolutely effective method. The lymphatic system is like a sewerage system in the body. With lymphatic drainage, we can make the process much easier and faster.

Around 50 minutes: 52,-

Hot Stone Massage

A unique massage with energizing basalt stones.

Around 45 minutes (Back): 54,-
Around 75 minutes (Whole body): 88,-

Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda serves to prevent and maintain lasting health until old age. Ayurveda treatments produce clear eyes, pure skin, a strengthened nervous system and a rejuvenated look.

Around 75 minutes: 88,-

Cleopatra massage

Everyone knows her for her beauty – the famous ruler of Egypt, Cleopatra. She and the famous beauties of the era really did pay attention to looking after their bodies and kept their wonderful tried and tested cosmetic recipes a secret. The mix, which consisted of honey, cream and aromatherapy oils, is rich in natural minerals, trace elements and vitamins. The Cleopatra massage is cleansing, calming and nourishes the skin, promoting harmony for your body and mind.

Around 20 minutes: 34,-
Around 40 minutes: 52,-

Chocolate massage

Chocolate’s many vitamins and minerals help make your skin soft and smooth. Your skin becomes tauter and the signs of ageing are countered.

Around 20 minutes (Back): 32,-
Around 40 minutes (Whole body): 50,-

Honey massage

Significant detoxifying effect - eliminates toxins and relaxes your back. It enhances your immune system, is invigorating and regenerating.

Around 20 minutes (Back): 30,-
Around 40 minutes (Whole body): 48,-

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